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David Perry Yoder Sr. was born in 1917 in Reno County Kansas just outside of the town of Yoder to Joseph and Anna (Miller) Yoder. He was the youngest of 16 children.Tragedy struck David early in life as his father was killed in an accident on the farm when David was only 4 years old. His Mother died of natural causes soon after, and David found himself orphaned at the age of 9. Most of his brothers and sisters were married by then with families of their own, so he moved from one brother or sister to the next as they needed help on their farm. He has stated often that wherever he hung his hat was home. Between the ages of 9 and 20, David had lived in 18 different homes. After living and farming all over the West and in Florida, David came to Plain City to visit one of his brothers. It was there that he met Sue Gingerich and they were married in 1937. In 1950, after splitting their time between Plain City, Florida and Virginia, David and Sue decided it was time to leave the Amish church and move back to Plain City for good. In 1954 they bought their house on Amish Pike, where they spent the rest of their lives. By this time, David had gained experience in home building, remodeling, and cabinetmaking. In 1965 he built a house just outside of Plain City and built and installed his first set of cabinets on his own. He decided that cabinetmaking was for him and in 1966 he rented a building on US route 42 close to London Ohio, and Yoder Cabinets was established. In 1974 he and son David jr. built a cabinet shop right next door to his house. That is where our custom shop remains to this day. In 1982 he retired and turned the business over to his son, David jr. who was with him from the start. He and Sue were then able to go back to spending the winters in Florida. David spent most of that time fishing and catching up with old friends. While home in Plain City, he tended his apple orchard, had a lawn mowing service, and occasionally would snoop around the cabinet shop to "see how things are done these days". David was in excellent health the first 91 years or so, only the last few months gave him trouble. At the time of his passing he had 80 decendents. A modern day patriarch. He lived an incredible life, and we will never forget him.

David Perry Yoder Sr.
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